About FordLogic

The view from my desk

Writing from the top of Russian Hill in San Francisco

We live in an age where everyone seems to have a clever business angle or catch-phrase filled advice. FordLogic is about getting back to the basics. It presents clear, principled advice that stands the test of time and presents a road map from someone who has navigated the ups and downs of the digital age for the past 15 years. It’s also designed as a forum where entrepreneurs, business owners and media professionals can share and discuss ideas and best practices. I encourage you to share your own experiences and questions. Be sure to post comments and don’t hesitate to contact me or connect with any ideas or suggestions.

Success in business and life is not about shortcuts, it’s about thoughtful execution, working hard and doing what’s right. That’s my story and here’s where I share my experiences. I post every week. Stay tuned.

A special thanks to my management team at the Praetorian Group and to my friends who encouraged me to get this site off the ground and share my ideas. 


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