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5 Rules for Successful Partnerships

Back in the dotcom days, there was almost nothing as important as a good partnership and most start-ups spent a lot of time developing them.  At a minimum, a partnership provided a press release opportunity and demonstrated legitimacy and tangible … Continue reading

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The Art of giving Negative Feedback: Part 3 – Hone Your Delivery

As I discussed in the first two parts of this series, it’s critical to set the right context for delivering negative feedback as a manager and leader as well as build a feedback process. But even if you’ve done a … Continue reading

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The Art of Giving Negative Feedback: Part 1 – Set the Right Context

Learning to give negative feedback not only constructively, but gracefully, is one of the toughest and most important lessons of being an effective entrepreneur or business professional because it’s one of the skills that elevates you from being a manager … Continue reading

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Management Training from ‘The Corner Office’ Courtesy of the NY Times

I’m always interested in refining my leadership and management skills. It’s easy to forget the basics or become set in your ways. Each Sunday the New York Times publishes a column titled the Corner Office by Adam Bryant – http://projects.nytimes.com/corner-officeContinue reading

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