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A trend to watch: HubSpot acquires The Hustle

HubSpot announced today that they are acquiring The Hustle for what Axios has reported to be $27 million. The Hustle is a 1.5 million reader strong eNewsletter business targeting entrepreneurs and business owners. In commenting on the acquisition HubSpot highlighted … Continue reading

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6 Things for B2B Publishers to Worry About in 2015

This article originally appeared as a two part series for Folio Magazine’s new Web site launch. For many, the New Year is about new beginnings, but if you’re running a media business, it’s about solving the problem of how to build upon what’s already … Continue reading

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Now Trending: The Digital Media Company

The world of media has changed radically over the past 15 years. It’s expanded in scale and scope and has gone digital, mobile and social. And it’s gotten a hell of lot more complex. Traditional lines of separation between publisher, … Continue reading

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5 Rules for Successful Partnerships

Back in the dotcom days, there was almost nothing as important as a good partnership and most start-ups spent a lot of time developing them.  At a minimum, a partnership provided a press release opportunity and demonstrated legitimacy and tangible … Continue reading

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The Importance of ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ in B2B Online Advertising

As advertising options online proliferate, B2B marketing continues to evolve into a significantly more sophisticated and complex endeavor.  What’s the value of an impression?  An audience?  A click?  A lead? If you – like me – run a website or … Continue reading

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