“No one ever got very smart from talking”

“No one ever got very smart from talking” – Mike Herning

As Mike Herning, Chairman of my company and my mentor often says you can never learn unless you shut your mouth and listen. It’s something I frequently have to remind myself. As a case in point, I switched the channel to a rerun of The Apprentice the other day and was struck by how the above quote applies.  If you are called into the boardroom (perhaps any boardroom), it is best to keep quiet and speak when spoken to. No good can come from popping off. Speak when spoken to and learn from listening.

About alexford

Alex Ford is an accomplished entrepreneur, angel investor and executive. He has led Praetorian Digital, the leading online media company in the public safety and security market, as CEO and President since 2001. Under his direction, Praetorian has launched more than 30 websites, including PoliceOne.com, FireRescue1.com, EMS1.com and CorrectionsOne.com – all the #1 digital media properties in their respective markets – and brought together more than one million first responders to create the world’s largest network for public safety.
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